Monday, March 10, 2014


The MYSON iVECTOR is latest product innovation and an exciting, energy efficient addition to our range of modern heating solutions.

The Myson iVECTOR is the first in a new generation of intelligent fan convectors. It has been designed specifically to combine all the traditional advantages of a fan convector with a range of new product features made possible by our latest energy efficient heating technology. Overall, the iVECTOR provides an exciting package of significant benefits.

Myson iVector iV60X80-2 Heater / Cooling Fan Convector Techs and Specs
*    Btu Heating   3791 to 14874
*    Btu Cooling   2421 to 5623
*    Fan Speed    3 - Normal / Medium / Boost
*    Sound Levels  24.8 / 37.7 / 47.9
· *    Piping  2 Pipe or 4 Pipe models
  *    3 year product warranty / 10 year warranty for the heat exchanger
Myson iVector iV60X80-2 Heater / Cooling Fan Convector Feature
· *   Each iVECTOR is individually programmable
  *   24/7 programmer with 1 hour time periods
*   Lockable LCD backlit display
*   Automatic and manual options for control of fan speeds
*   Option to link to building management systems
*   Night set-back function
*   Programs saved in memory for 12 hours in event of power failure

To watch a video about this unit click here.  Please call us if you have questions and if you would like to place an order at 866-432-8123.

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  1. Myson TowelWarmers is one of the oldest and most respected brand names in the Hydronic Heating Industry in the United States.
    All models are provided with the necessary installation accessories, including valves and sleeve kits.

    Overall Height: 37.375"
    Overall Width Including Flanges: 27.25"
    Width C/C Vertical Tubes: 24"
    Center to Center Connection: 18"
    Valve Rough-in From Wall: 4.5"